A Great Way to End the School Day

After School Sports Clubs

Key Sports After School clubs provide children with a healthy bout of organised exercise in a safe environment, a great way to end the school day!

They take part in sports activities they already know or perhaps may not have tried before – our goal is to give children a fun, sporting experience to encourage them to enjoy being active and develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Key Sports offer 18 different sports and our qualified sports coaches supervise the activities that can be flexible to meet the requirements of your school.

After School club Options:

Single Sport – where we can focus on one sport and learn the skills and techniques required to play the sport through fun games and drills

Seasonal Sports – where we can look at 3-6 sports during the school year and rotate based on the season

Sport Academy – advanced sessions to develop skills and sporting talent

Multi-Sports – introduce a wider range of sports that provide the opportunity to try new and different activities

Team Practice – hold sessions for additional school team practice to enhance team performance

If you’d like to find out more about Key Sports After School clubs, please get in touch and contact Scott by email at keysports@hotmail.co.uk.